The Daleks Stole My Blueberry Pancakes


Graeme Sandford

Dalek and Blueberry Pancakes
I’ve been considering a thought that crossed my mind only recently.

The thought was this: ‘When would a ‘Dalek’ ever have the need to say the word ‘squirrel?’

I actually doubt whether the word ‘Squirrel’ is actually in the Dalek’s dictionary at all, and if it is; why?

I can’t think of a single situation when a Dalek would even think
of the word ‘squirrel’ – never mind actually saying it!

I don’t know if the Dalek race might, at one time in their history,
have tried to invade the ‘planet’ Squirrel,

or, perhaps, whether the word ‘Squirrel’ might be a Dalek swear word
for when they came across a staircase or a high kerb in their travels!

It makes you think!

Talking of Dr. Who…

The Daleks Stole My Blueberry Pancakes – GRS

The script for this following tale was recently turned down by the BBC. I am, therefore…

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